I’ve survived cancer twice.  

My first battle was in 1997 when I was stationed in the Philippine Islands at Clark Air Base. I distinctly remember the phone call from the nurse saying she needed to talk to me soon.  

I held the phone in my hand for several seconds that only seemed like a hundred years. The nurse’s tone told me it wasn’t good news.  

Within the hour I was set for life as a cervical cancer victim and ultimately a survivor.  

For years after that whenever I stubbed a toe or had a bruise I swore the cancer was back and I would be dead in two days. 

Fast forward to 2014 when I remained healthy but my husband of 25 years did not.  

As though it were yesterday, and in so many ways it is, I see the x-rays and the CAT scan that determined our future.  

After a minor surgery, Scotty complained about chest pains. I only wish now that it had been heart attack symptoms. But it wasn’t. 

Looking at the x-rays the doctor quickly pointed out my future and Scotty’s pending death from a massive lung tumor. 

Even two years later it’s hard to imagine the future of a cancer survivor.  

Yes, Scotty was a smoker and died of the inherent lung cancer that comes with that.  

But so many others die of cancer with no apparent cause. There is a need for more research to determine the reasons that cause so many cancer victims. 

For one, we now know after all these years that cervical cancer is caused by the HPV virus that can be prevented by a vaccine. That alone will save lives and hopefully prevent some of the tragedy that I’ve lived with for 40 years.  

Other reasons for cancer are becoming known and detectable because of research through amazing organizations who‘ve dedicated their lives to finding cures. 

You can help by lending your hand and your money to the Relay for Life that will take place April 15 at the Virgin Valley High School track. Please join us. 

I have a good life and want to live it. Join me in that endeavor.