A few weeks ago I talked about the creation of a vast underclass that doesn’t even have the basic skills to work. They don’t understand Basic English, how to get to work on time and how to dress for work. There are millions of jobs that companies are trying to fill but no one shows up to even apply.

I recently saw a show with John Stossel where he interviewed people standing in a line to get their unemployment checks in New York City. He asked if there were any jobs around and those who were interviewed said no. Yet a few minutes later he sent out some staffers and they found 12 jobs within 2 blocks. Yes, most were entry level but they were jobs.

There are millions of good jobs that don’t require a collage education but somehow people think you have to go to an expensive school to get a good job. Quite the contrary is true, there are lots of good jobs are out there but you do have to work at them and have some basic skills. The proof of that is all around us. Just look at the people coming into this country, most of them seem to be able to find a job; maybe not a cushy white collar job, but a job.

There are millions of good jobs that no one seems excited about, cares about or even apply for. Real opportunity still exists for those who want it. Then of course there are those who don’t want to work at all. Some may think all the unemployed want to work but I don’t believe that’s true. We have made it very attractive to not work. The “Great Society” has been a disaster.

How stupid are we to pay people more not to work than to work, or to pay young women to have babies without a husband in the house to add discipline and stability to the family. Force people who work to buy insurance but give it free to those who don’t work. People use to hold up signs “Will Work for Food” why stand out in the hot sun when the government gives you food for not working.

There are those too lazy and too smart to work and a group so poorly educated they have no skills that schools used to teach. Skills like; metal and wood shop, auto mechanic and cooking, many have no ambition and certainly no adult guidance.

We keep hearing go to college yet no one talks about the fact that most of those jobs don’t require an expensive four-year degree. Many of these degrees have no or very little practical value. We are lending money we don’t have to for those who can’t pay it back, educating many of them for jobs that no longer exist.

How do we stop the madness, focus on individuals who are eager to do whatever it takes to get started. Demand that our schools teach people useable skills. Here in Nevada we have just passed a massive school funding bill, let’s make sure they use it to teach people the skills to succeed. Let’s help those who want help and will use the skills.