Blotter Report March 19-26, 2016
Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. This week, there were 144 total incidents in the blotter:

Abuse/Neglect 1
Agency Assistance 6
Alarm 7
Animal complaint 3
Animal Noise 1
Animal Pick up 2
Burglary IP 1
Citizen Assist 5
Civil Dispute 1
Civil Matter 1
Controlled Substance Problem 4
Domestic Trouble 1
Domestic Violence IP 1
Driving Under the Influence 1
Embezzlement 1
Fire 2
Found Property 2
Fraud 2
Hit & Run 1
Impounded Vehicle 1
Intoxicated Person 1
Keep The Peace 2
Lost Property 6
Minor Gambling 3
Minor Possessing/Consuming 2
Miscellaneous CAD Call Record 6
Missing Person 1
Noise Disturbance 6
Parking Problem 3
Person On Foot 4
Phone Harassment 1
Property Damage, Non Vandalism 2
Reckless Driver 2
Recovered Stolen Vehicle 2
Robbery Alarm 2
Sex Offender Verification 1
Suicidal Person 1
Suspicious/Person 20
Suspicious/Vehicle 3
Theft 7
TPO/Restraining Order/Subpoena 4
Traffic accident W/O injury 2
Traffic Problem 4
Traffic Stop 1
Transport 1
Trespassing IP 1
Unknown problem 2
Verbal Dispute IP 1
VIN Number Inspection 6
Welfare Check 4

March 20:
Controlled Substance Problem:  Officer conducted a traffic stop at E. Mesquite and Sandhill Blvd. on a vehicle for an equipment violation. Upon further investigation, the adult male driver was found to be in possession of marijuana. The male was issued citations for possession of drug paraphernalia and traffic violations.
Property Damage, Non Vandalism:  Officer responded to a W. First South S.t residence, reference a property damage report.
Theft:  An Officer responded to a West Pioneer business for a report of theft. The offender was issued a citation and released with a court date.
Theft:  An officer responded to West Pioneer business for a report of theft. The
offender was identified and issued a citation.
Found Property:  Officer was contacted by a city employee regarding found property at a city facility.  Officer arrived and collected the property and placed it into evidence for safe keeping.
March 21:
Lost Property:  An officer took a lost property report regarding a missing report. An information report was completed.
Minor Possessing/Consuming:  While officer was patrolling a local park he noticed an adult male with an open container of alcohol.  The subject was placed under arrest for violating Mesquite Municipal Code for Possession of Alcohol in a City Park.
Hit & Run:  An Officer responded to a hit & run private property accident on Sandhill Blvd. Information was received and a report taken.
March 22:
Theft:  Officer responded to a Frontier Pass Trail residence regarding theft of a garbage can. The officer searched the area with negative results and a report was taken.
Theft:  An officer received a report of a stolen bench from a yard.
Recovered Stolen Vehicle:  An Officer received information concerning a recovered stolen vehicle in the Las Vegas area. The owner of the vehicle was informed of the recovery.
Fraud:  Officer responded to a Jacaranda Way residence on a reported telephone fraud.  Officer obtained all need information and a report was taken.
Theft:  An officer received a report of a stolen bench from a yard.
Minor Gambling:  Officer made contact with an underage male gambling at an E. Pioneer Blvd. casino. The male was cited for minor gambling and released.
Lost Property:  Officer responded to a report of lost property. During the investigation, there was no evidence of any property being taken to our jurisdiction.
March 23:
Embezzlement:  Officer took a report of an individual that took money from a local business on Beacon Ridge Way. The investigation is ongoing.
Traffic Stop:  Officer conducted traffic stop on a vehicle for speeding on Falcon Ridge Pkwy & Birdie Ln.  After preliminary investigation the driver was taken into custody for false identification and traffic offenses. Investigation is ongoing for other crimes.
Suspicious Person/Circumstance:  A Female Provided a false Urine Sample for the court.
Civil Dispute:  Police responded to a domestic dispute on Basin Way. The incident was a verbal argument only and the involved parties had separated. A report was taken.
Person On Foot:  An officer contacted a male subject who was riding a bicycle on the sidewalk on E. Mesquite Blvd & N. Willow St. The male was found in possession of a controlled substance and also had a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest.

March 24:
Traffic accident W/O injury:  Officer responded to a report of an accident involving three vehicles on E. Pioneer Blvd & Mesa Blvd. All occupants were not injured. Accident report completed, and one driver was issued a citation.
Noise Disturbance: Officers responded to a noise complaint at a Rodeo Ln. residence. Upon further investigation, officers issued a citation to a male for drug related charges.
Minor Gambling:  An officer was dispatched to an E. Pioneer Blvd casino, in reference to an ID check.  An adult male subject was cited and released for minor gambling.
Property Damage, Non Vandalism:  A report was taken for property damage to the window of a truck at a Sun Valley Dr. residence. The cause of the damage is unknown. The investigation is ongoing.
March 25:
Minor Gambling:  Police responded to a minor gambling at a W. Mesquite Blvd casino. One male was issued a citation for minor gambling and released with a court date.
Lost Property:  Police took a report for a missing wedding ring.
Citizen Assist:  Police received a suspicious call regarding information from a citizen. An information report was completed.
Domestic Violence IP:  Officers were dispatched to the parking lot of a W. Pioneer Blvd.  business on a report of possible domestic violence. Officers located the vehicle and persons involved and conducted an investigation. There were no charges for domestic violence. The male half was arrested on an outstanding warrant.
Trespassing IP: An officer was dispatched to a Mesa Blvd. casino, in reference to a trespass.  An adult male subject, who was very intoxicated, was taken into custody for trespassing.
Driving Under the Influence:  Officers responded to a traffic accident on Cherokee St.  One male was arrested for driving under the influence.
Verbal Dispute IP:  An officer responded to a E. Pioneer Blvd. casino, in reference to a verbal dispute.  An adult male subject, who was intoxicated, was trespassed from the casino’s property, by a security officer, and left the property voluntarily.
Theft:  An Officer responded to a Mesa Blvd.  casino for a report of a theft. The incident was recorded on surveillance video. The offender was not identified at the time of the report. The investigation is ongoing.
March 26:
Suspicious Person/Circumstance:  An officer was dispatched to a W. Mesquite Blvd. motel, in reference to a suspicious situation.  Dispatch advised that the hotel manager was having trouble making contact with the tenant.  An adult male subject was found deceased, in the room.
Abuse/Neglect: An officer responded to a residence on Hillside Dr. to a report of possible child neglect. Information for a report was gathered and it was determined no crime occurred.
Domestic Trouble: Officer responded to complaint of people arguing on Mountain Ridge Dr., after a short investigation officers determined there were no crimes were committed.
Minor Possessing/Consuming:  An officer conducted a traffic stop on N. Dairy Ln. and E. Old Mill Rd. for an equipment violation. An open container of alcohol was located in the passenger’s possession. The passenger was cited and released.