Movies have been loved by generations of people all over the world, but some movies stand out, especially those that are inspired by real life stories. There have been a variety of mafia inspired movies, even horror flicks… but for me, it’s all about a movie that inspires the soul. There’s no better feeling than walking out of a theater with the heart-felt warmth and inspirations of your own, making you feel alive again. Stories based on real life events which help remind us of those possibilities that really do exist, and with a lot of persistence can be obtained if you just believe in them.

I recently saw the movie “Joy” with a friend. This was a film based on a woman, whom with perseverance was able to patent her first design, the mop. This woman reminded me of how I once felt, while entering my first sales job in the 1980’s; a sales job at a Dealership, being a man’s world… I was one of the first women ever hired on the sales floor. Within three to four months I had proved I could get the job done as well as the men, hitting my sales at the top of the charts nearly every month. This movie inspired me all over again, and I will continue my journey as it reminded me of what we are capable of doing when we put our minds to what our hearts desire most.

True inspirational movies are based on love. Our love for animals proves this, such as; Dreamer (a racing horse), Eight Below (Sled dogs in the Antarctica), Marley & Me (a family’s pet dog), and even dolphins in a “Dolphins Tale.” Tales of actual ‘bonds’ created between animals and people inspire others to do good things around the world. In a Dolphins Tale, this movie will show the connections of many, who volunteer their time to save, rehab and teach the human spirit through leadership education and continual research in order to preserve marine life. It’s based in Clearwater, Florida and you can check it out at . If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly suggest it, as it is a non-profit organization and like others, needs support. This movie will touch your heart; they all do.

It is through our hearts where we find ourselves, keeping us inspired to move on and make us stronger as individuals. Being human is a part of feeling, and these types of movies will continue to remind us of life’s most valuable lessons along the way. Believe in yourself, and follow your dreams. Giving up should never be an option, as confidence will lead you to success and much happiness. Everyone goes through tough times, but perseverance to get there… teaches us to remain humble. Make every moment count.

Make your life count.