The Virgin Valley Theater Group will be hosting a month long workshop on Shakespeare and Shakespearean acting. At the end of the workshops there will be two weekends of short performances in The Pavilion located by the art classroom August 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th. The Workshops will start on July 28th at 7p.m. at The Art classroom between the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery and The Virgin Valley Heritage Museum. To participate, a registration form is required and can be picked up at The Virgin Valley Heritage Museum or requested via email from

For those that choose to, they will have a chance to perform a short Shakespearean scene or monologue. Performing is not required. The educational workshops are open to everyone. The goal of the workshop is to make Shakespeare accessible to everyone. The Theater group would like to invite all members of the community to take part either in the workshops, as an actor or as an audience member. Shakespeare in the pavilion will be free to the community.