Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. This week, there were 133 total incidents in the blotter:

Agency Assistance 6
Alarm 13
Animal Pickup 4
Assault/Battery 1
Battery on Person 1
Burglary 1
Business or License Problem 1
Citizen Assist 4
Controlled Substance Problem 1
Domestic Violence IP 1
Driving Under the Influence 2
Fighting IP 1
Found Person 1
Found Property 4
Fraud 2
Graffiti 1
Identification Check 1
Information Report 1
Intoxicated Person 1
Keep The Peace 1
Lost Property 1
Mental Person 1
Minor Gambling 1
Miscellaneous CAD Call Record 2
Missing Person 1
Noise Disturbance 4
Person On Foot 3
Phone Harassment 3
Property Damage, Non Vandalism 1
Reckless Driver 1
Sex Offender Verification 2
Stolen Vehicle 2
Stroke (Cva) 1
Suicidal Person 1
Suspicious Person/Circumstance 11
Suspicious/Pers 7
Suspicious/Veh 3
Theft 5
Theft From Veh 1
Threatening 2
TPO/Restraining Order/Subpoena 2
Traffic Accident w/ Damage 1
Traffic Accident w/ Injuries 1
Traffic accident W/O injury 3
Traffic Problem 3
Trespassing IP 2
Verbal Dispute IP 2
VIN Number Inspection 9
Wanted Person 4
Welfare Check 4
Jan. 24:
Wanted Person:  Officer made contact with an adult male at a local casino. The male was arrested on an outstanding warrant without incident.
Traffic accident W/O injury:  While moving a trailer from the Police Department bay a patrol vehicle struck the side of a cement wall causing minor damage.
Jan. 25:
Suspicious Person/Circumstance:  Police responded to a residential burglary. A report was taken and the incident is under investigation.
Jan. 26: 
Stolen Vehicle:  An officer observed a suspicious vehicle, the vehicle was found to be listed as stolen.  The driver was taken into custody for the stolen vehicle and other charges.
Graffiti:  An Officer responded to a walking path reference graffiti.
Suspicious Person/Circumstance:  Police responded to possible vandalism. A report was taken.
Theft From Veh:  Police responded to a theft from vehicle. A report was taken and the incident is under investigation.
Theft:  Officers responded to a local motel in reference to a theft.
Driving Under the Influence:  An officer conducted a traffic stop for violations, after an investigation the driver was arrested for DUI.
Jan. 27:
Burglary:  Officers were dispatched to a local discount store reference a business burglary. The report was initiated and the investigation continues.
Stolen Vehicle:  An inmate at the Mesquite Detention Center reported his vehicle as stolen.
Noise Disturbance:  An Officer was dispatched to the Mesquite Police Station lobby reference a noise complaint. The reporting party requested to file a noise complaint about young children playing loudly in an upstairs apartment.
Theft:  Report taken for theft of alcoholic beverages. The victim requested the incident be a matter of record.
Fraud:  A report of identity theft was taken at the Mesquite Police Station lobby. There is no offender information or leads at this time.
Found Person:  An officer responded to a local elementary reference a little boy who was unable to exit the bus due to a parent not being present. While officers were investigating the incident, the boy’s parents arrived to pick up the child. There are no charges stemming from the incident.
Battery on Person:  Officers were dispatched to a fight in progress at a park. A male was cited for simple battery.
Wanted Person:  Officers arrested a male who had a warrant out of Mesquite Municipal Court.
Jan. 28:
Controlled Substance Problem:  A traffic stop was made for a lane violation. An adult female was arrested for possession of drugs, minor in possession of alcohol, and a driver’s license violation.
Agency Assistance:  Fire and rescue was dispatched to a local residence for an elderly female not breathing. It was determined the female died of natural causes.
Found Property:  A unknown citizen found a wallet and turned it in to police. Officers were able to identify the owner and secure the wallet until it can be returned.
Business or License Problem:  An officer responded to a report of an unlicensed solicitor going door to door.  Upon contact, the officer determined the solicitor did not have the proper licensing or visible identification. The solicitor was issued a citation and released.
Fraud:  An officer was contacted by a local resident for a report of fraud. The resident received a check in the mail that was determined to be fraudulent. There is no offender information at this time.
Verbal Dispute IP:  Officers responded to a residence for a report of a verbal dispute between family members. No crime was committed and all parties agreed to separate for the evening to their rooms.
Theft:  Officers were dispatched to a theft at a local casino, a written statement was gathered and the investigation is ongoing.
Wanted Person:  Officers arrested a male who had a warrant out of Mesquite Municipal Court.
Suicidal Person:  Officers responded to a suicidal subject who was transported to the hospital.
Jan. 29:
Traffic accident W/O injury:  Police responded to a private property damage call. Information was exchanged.
Threatening:  Officers responded to a local business for a report of a threatening phone call. The investigation into who made the threats is ongoing. There are currently no leads.
Theft:  Officers responded to a shoplifting call at a local business, a female juvenile was issued a citation and released to an adult guardian.
Jan. 30: 
Person On Foot:  Officers arrested a male subject who had a misdemeanor warrant out of the Mesquite Municipal Court.
Domestic Violence IP:  Officers responded to a report of fighting in the street in a residential neighborhood. When officers arrived the parties were separated, no one involved wanted to press charges.
Phone Harassment:  Report taken for alleged harassment by a family member via social media.
Suspicious Person/Circumstance:  Officer received information of a stolen I-pad, after a brief investigation, officers were able recover the I-pad and return it to the owner.