Mesquite is a perfect place to use golf carts or similar vehicles around town. However, there are some rules you should know about if you choose to use one of them or a NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles) and LSV (Low Speed Vehicles).

In the City of Mesquite golf carts are only legal to operate on private property such as Home Owner’s Associations, on established paths which are part of a golf course, or on city streets posted 35 mph and below, if the golf cart meets the requirements for a LSV, and is issued a motor vehicle registration with full size license plate issued by the DMV.Golf carts are defined as a “motor vehicle” in NRS and required to have motor vehicle registration and insurance unless they are exempt by NRS 482.210, which requires golf carts to have an operating permit issued by the DMV and restricts travel to “highways properly designated by the appropriate city or county as permissible for operation of golf carts.”

The appropriate motor vehicle registration is issued for golf carts that meet the requirements for LSV and is a standard full size license plate. The small “Golf Cart Permit” issued by the DMV is not motor vehicle registration and is not valid for operation on city streets where golf cart operation is not specifically designated by the city or county.

The City of Mesquite stopped issuing NEV permits in October 2011; the permits were only valid for two years. No City of Mesquite NEV permits are currently valid due to the two year expiration. The DMV requirements for LSV are the same requirements for the City of Mesquite NEV, and therefore any vehicle meeting the LSV requirements can be registered as a motor vehicle with the DMV.

Mesquite Municipal Code (MMC) 6-6-8 states “Golf carts which are not NEV (or LSV) may not operate on the streets and roads of the city, except that such vehicles may travel on and across the streets of the city if traveling on established and approved golf cart paths which are part of a golf course. Any person operating a golf cart or NEV in violation of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor.” (Ord. 217, 3-9-1999)


The DMV issues “Golf Cart Permits” but does not clarify their use. The DMV publication states “It is the responsibility of the golf cart owner to know what roads are designated as permissible for the operation of golf carts.” Currently there are no designated golf cart use streets in the City of Mesquite, other than crossings and short sections where golf course paths parallel the city streets and are clearly marked.