Hatha Yoga Class is a Level One Class that benefits all those interested in learning yoga. It is also suitable for those who have some yoga skills and just want to keep practicing. The class focuses on stretching and balance exercises, as well. All students are encouraged to listen to their bodies so as not to injure themselves. At the end of each class is a meditation session to help rest and rejuvenate. 

Yoga is a practical approach to healthy living. It is a mind/body practice designed to increase your flexibility, strength, balance, vitality and overall well-being. The program nurtures beginners and seasoned seniors seeking to develop a better understanding of the principals of Hatha Yoga and builds a strong foundation for your personal practice. 

The class is taught by Terri McArthur a certified yoga instructor who recommends you wear comfortable clothing, and bring a Yoga mat and towel to class. Classes are Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 6:45 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. at the Mesquite Recreation Center.