The Mesquite Local News is beginning a new feature on our Facebook page. Each week we will post a ‘Question of the Week’ offering a wide variety of topics that you, as the public, can respond to and give us your input and opinion.

Each week several of the responses will be chosen and put into our Thursday print edition. You can follow the discussion each day on Facebook; just ‘like’ the Mesquite Local News page.

The first question in our new feature is: What was the most exciting or memorable experience you’ve had in 2015?

We had three responders who gave us these answers:

Stephanie wrote: “My most exciting experience of 2015 was packing up everything we had in Texas and moving to Mesquite. We didn’t know anyone here and my husband has never even lived anywhere else except Texas. We left behind all our family and friends not knowing how this would turn out. We have been here since August and absolutely love it. Best decision of our lives!”

Dan gave us this answer: “The most exciting thing for 2015 was buying our home in Mesquite. Love it and the neighborhood. Lots of good people here!”

Ted responded with the simple words: “I’m still here.”

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more questions and answers. The question for the week of Dec. 24-31 is: How many of you have kept even one of your New Year’s Resolutions made this year; what was it?

Let’s get some great answers to post for the New Year. Happy New Year Mesquite!