The Eureka Casino Community Outreach team is holding their ‘Made to Order’ Pasta Garden on Tuesday, Dec. 8 from 4-7 p.m. in the Town Square Buffet at the Eureka Casino, 275 Mesa Blvd.

“The ‘build your own’ pasta garden has been a favorite of the community since we began doing them for the non-profit groups several years ago. People just love creating their own meals and we have a nice variety for them,” said Gerri Chasko, Community Outreach Coordinator.

The cost of the meal is $10.99 plus tax with gold card or $12.99 plus tax without gold card.  Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from the pasta garden will benefit local charities and community groups.

Anybody who has found themselves recently retired, unemployed or underemployed and wants to fill some of the time on their hands can wander around the ‘Charity Village.’  Chasko has signed up about 10 vendors who run or work with local charities that people can also become involved in.

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue will be bringing out the donkey mascot (person in costume) who will be handing out candy canes to the kids.  Knights of Columbus, the Elks, Virgin Valley Theatre Group and We Care for Animals are just a few of the groups that will be represented in the village.

Local organizations are always looking for help whether it is in the form of sweat equity or a cash donation. It all benefits Mesquite and those who choose to visit with or without fur.

The Eureka employees made ornaments last year that will be given to the local organizations to use for donations and some of the vendors will have their own special treats to hand out.

The ‘Charity Village’ is a great way for locals and long term visitors to find their own niche.  It highlights some of the non-profit groups and hard-working volunteers who really make a difference in Mesquite and it gives the non-profits the chance to recruit like-minded individuals.  “The Charity Village has always worked out well for everyone because all of the participants have common goals”, said Chasko.

Join the community in support of Mesquite’s non-profit organizations and get into the holiday spirit, it’s all for a great cause.