Area residents will notice an increased law enforcement presence between Nov. 20 – Dec. 7, 2015 as the Nevada Highway Patrol joins with law enforcement statewide to educate motorists on the life-saving importance of wearing seat belts.

The Click It or Ticket campaign is designed to remind motorists that seat belts save lives and that failing to buckle up can result in costly ticket fees. It’s important to buckle up, every trip, every time, no matter the distance of the drive. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 52 percent of car crashes occur within a five-mile radius of a motorist’s home and nearly 70 percent happen within 10 miles from home. Wearing a seat belt doubles motorists’ and passengers’ chances of surviving a crash.

During this Joining Forces enforcement campaign, which runs through Dec. 7, 2015, officers are looking for drivers who “fake it” by rushing to click their belt into place when pulled over for another offense. Faking it won’t protect lives. Drivers are not only accountable for themselves, but they also will be penalized for occupants in the vehicle who are not restrained.

“This time of the year, more people travel in their vehicles as they spend time with family and friends. Don’t turn a memorable time into one to forget. Always have your seat belt on and make sure others are buckled up too.” says Trp. Loy Hixson with the Nevada Highway Patrol.

The intent of the Joining Forces campaign is to educate about the importance of buckling up. Nevada Joining Forces is a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement program that promotes statewide enforcement of seat belt use, DUI, distracted driving, speed and pedestrian safety.

During this campaign last year, Nevada’s Joining Forces partners citied 2,170 adults and 75 teens for not wearing their seatbelts. In addition, 316 adults were issued citations for improperly restraining children. The Click It or Ticket campaign is the nation’s most successful seat belt compliance effort, significantly raising awareness and seat belt usage since its inception.

More information about seat belt use and Nevada’s Zero Fatalities program is available at