The Vienna Boys Choir performed before a sold-out house of very appreciative audience members at the Virgin Valley High School on Saturday Nov. 7.  Sixteen members of the Mesquite Toes Tap Team took on the roles of usher and six Mesquite Showgirls welcomed the audience members as they handed out the programs.

As the house lights came down, you could feel the anticipation and excitement of the audience while they were waiting for this very young and infinitely famous group of 23 boys, along with their Choir Master, Bomi Kim to take the stage.

As the boys marched out on stage, single file, led by Kim,  it appeared that not a single audience member held their tongue when, in that moment, the audience became their own giant chorus of Oohs, Aahs and Awes.

The boys, ages 10-14, were everything one would expect from Imperial Palace performers.  They were certainly well-educated, musically gifted and disciplined; there was no doubt that they were masters at their craft. You could not detect the slightest movement in chest or gentle heave of shoulders as these masterfully trained vocalists took the breaths necessary to achieve the crystal clear vocal tones.  The music they created with their young voices was nothing short of divine.  Their very boyish faces belied the maturity, skill and polish they exuded at such a young age.

What was not expected is the fact that not one spark of their individual personalities showed in their performance.  Not one boy, other than the obvious soloists, stood out from another.  The beautiful and pure soprano voices blended entirely as if they were one.  It was a flawless performance, yet each of the group members appeared much more humble than one might expect from someone who has achieved their world wide acclaim.

Kim’s biography stated, “A choir is about community, about working together to achieve a common goal.”  The structure and position of the chorus members wasn’t arranged so each boy was showcased as you might have expected. It was obvious the boys were arranged so their voices would blend perfectly.  Many of the shorter boys were placed in the back.  A few boys were almost completely hidden behind another boy who was much taller.  The repertoire, chosen by Kim, is what defined the international flavor and uniqueness of the group, not their egos.

Juxtaposed to the structure, discipline and lack of individual personality the boys showed was the charming and engaging direction they received from the very energetic and animated Kim.  In her personality she, a world renowned musician, dancer and choir director, showed not one bit of the hard work, structure and discipline it takes to achieve her own vast accomplishments.  What the audience was treated to was a masterful young woman who thoroughly enjoyed doing what she was doing.

She was a women who wanted to be nowhere other than on that stage showing the audience the absolute love she has for the boys, the fun they all have with their musical abilities and the delight in sharing their talents with the audience.  The discipline and control she must maintain over the boys and she must have possessed was only evident by the perfection of the performance, not in the way Kim related to her choir.  It was obvious she was having fun and enjoys what she does but it didn’t detract in any way from the boys. Rather, it enhanced the performance and made it both visually as well as audibly appealing.

Kim’s idea of having fun with the boys and the audience showed through in the repertoire. When they took the audience ‘Around the World in 80 Minutes’ inspired by the travels of Phileas Fogg in Jules Vern’s classic tale ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ the boys  humorously announced the arrival to each country of destination and welcomed the audience in the native tongue of that particular country.

While watching and listening to the performance you could almost forget that this beautiful music was created by a group of children’s voices.  It wasn’t until the moment they finished and were leaving the stage that they let down their guard and the audience was given the slightest glimpse into their individual personalities.

Going off stage in single file the boys each bid the audience farewell with every bit of their very own unique boyish charm showing for just a moment. The chorus of Oohs and Awes from the audience could very clearly be heard over the standing ovation and thundering applause they received.

It was a night for Mesquite to remember and a treat for those who attended.  The event was brought to Mesquite by the GMAF but could never have been possible without the support of those who continually and consistently show their love for their community by sponsoring events and making it affordable to the general public.

The GMAF, and its President Maggie Calhoun, would like to thank the community for their support of this event.  They would also like to extend their deepest appreciation to the Eureka Casino Resort for being sole Diamond Level contributor and to major contributors on the Platinum level including David Ballweg, Barbara Ellestad, Mesquite Gaming and Ann Rice.

Sponsors at the Gold level included Bryan and Dawn Hafen, and Judith Hetem.  Silver Level sponsors were John and Donna Dearing and Henry and MarDee Harper.

Bronze Level sponsors are  Gary Brewer, Phil and Judy Brittain, Herb and Maggie Calhoun, Deep Roots Medical, Jensen Property Management, David and Barbara Karle, Charles and Virginia Loomis, Gwen Olsen, Dollie M. Reno, Shereen’s Hair and Nails, Robert Shively and Sheryl Warfield and the Smith Financial Group.

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