As summer departs, fall in the Northern Hemisphere has begun. September 23, 2019 is the official start of fall, and so…changes begin. The temperatures begin to drop, bringing in a crisp, slightly cooler air.  Autumn gently transitions summer into winter, while animals begin changing their own habits for the upcoming months; storing food for winter or traveling to warmer climates. Daylight is shorter and brisk temperatures will end the growing season, while leaves stop producing their green-tinted chlorophyll. This (cooler weather) causes the leaves to take on an array of colors such as red, orange and yellow pigmentation, making trees beautiful with bold and bright colors. It’s the change of the season; fall has arrived.

Fall doesn’t just affect the outdoors, the change of a new season can come in many forms; it’s the beginning of a new schoolyear, the start of football season, bonfires and pumpkin flavored everything… once again, it’s the start of a new holiday season. Our bodies also go through change; some begin to nestle in for the colder temps, while immune systems also feel the effects of cooler, darker days. It’s a bit of a lifestyle change and once daylight savings time takes hold, there can be tangible effects on the mind and body. No matter how strong one may think they are, depression and, or anxiety can play a role, not to mention your body’s metabolism; leading to weight gain in winter months; Being  aware of your own body’s needs can help you be better prepared during these changes.

Similar to seasons, many of us will change out wardrobes, while others search for new employment opportunities. Comfort foods will take center stage for many looking forward to fall. There will be pumpkin and apple pies, along with ciders and caramel apples to indulge in. Recipes are endless in fall, as casserole dishes and crockpot meals are being made in kitchens everywhere this time of year. As we welcome fall harvest across the states, make sure you have a chance to catch up at your local farmers market before too long; farmers are cleaning up their fields in preparation for winter.

Keeping a positive mental attitude through changing seasons will help battle those winter blues some experience. Find something new to do this fall, such as horseback riding, skating or think about joining a book club, or maybe volunteer in a soup kitchen. One could also pick up a schedule for activities at the local recreation center. Whatever you choose to do this fall, don’t let it pass you by…engage with the season and make the most of it!

Make your week count.