Generations of people everywhere are all in search of something these days, but what about their faith? Can faith be a game changer in the way people think?  How about lifestyles…can faith change the way you live? It’s a question that I’ve pondered about in the recent weeks, especially while watching the headlining news every morning. Bad news is inevitable, no matter what station you watch… it’s negative effects brings emotions to the surface, just watch what happens when crowds of people gather after someone gets shot, whether it’s a child or an adult, faith seems almost nonexistent. I say this because if people had faith, they would know that justice is in the hands of the courts, and courts take time today. So besides all that, let me ask you… when things go wrong in your life, “Do you have enough faith to remain positive in your own emotions?”

I talk about this freely, because I can admit that I became challenged in my own faith, after I was robbed of my most personal belongings and treasures. My thoughts went directly to God, wondering ‘why’ this had to happen to me, and anger resided in my soul for some time. I always considered myself a faithful person, but after much trauma it seemed to disappear. Now, as I’m holding on to faith once again…I watch others struggle as I did, although for different reasons. Many Americans are faith challenged, and are looking for inspiration for a higher cause. In fact, there isn’t much faith left in how Americans feel about Congress or the Senate today. It’s just sad.

It is important that we try to bring ‘Faith’ back into our lives, and believe in something much greater than ourselves. To know that there is a real purpose in life, while we are all living among each other; to be ‘Kinder’ to one another, and remember the word ‘Respect.’ Faith is about the ‘hope’ you have for something unseen, yet true. It’s belief in something to come, trusting the unknown. We all need faith in our lives, so we may instill this among our peers, families and friends. As easily and quickly people are to anger, we should be able to overcome that and practice faith in its place. Can you imagine the world with less anger, hatred and doubts? I can, and it brings me back to my childhood. Years ago when life was simpler, less rushed and family oriented… there was a perfect place which resided in my heart, a place I called home. My faith was unbelievable, because I believed I could do anything when I grew up. Think about that for a minute; when we truly believe in something (which hasn’t happened yet), that is real faith. My family has helped bring that faith back in to my life, and I’m grateful for that. Being restored in faith brings about more positive emotions, and gives you a peaceful state of mind. I speak from experience here. If Americans had more faith in their own personal lives, I believe it would have a rippling effect in the way our world is going; America needs to go in the right direction, in order to bring back that “American Dream” for all to reap. We must bring back faith, hope and love to our existing world, and together we can make a difference.

Make your week count.