Students at J. L. Bowler Elementary School participated in activities on Friday, September 11 to remember the 2001 terrorist attacks on our country and to honor the memory of those who perished that day.  After the start bell at 9 a.m., Mrs. Catherine McCann, J. L. Bowler music teacher, led the students in the school song. Three fifth grade cub scouts, Sam W., Trey H., and Wyatt L. presented the flags and led the pledge of allegiance.

Following instruction about a moment of silence, a moment of silence was held with students being asked to think about how blessed we are to live in a free land.  Then, Bowler’s principal, Mr. Christopher Jenkins, began the short program by briefly explaining to the students that this day is one to remember those who stand up against tyranny.  The morning announcements were given by Mattysin E. To close the assembly, Mrs. McCann led the students in a patriotic song.  Teachers in their classes taught in appropriate ways the importance of remembering the events of 9/11.  For example, in the fifth grade classes, each student was given a name of a person who died in those attacks and the student researched the name.  The students learned that victims were all different ages, some were even children and babies and that some were from other countries.  The fifth grade teachers felt that the students were better able to comprehend that these were real people and understand the magnitude of the attacks.