Remembering past years, growing up…we were told of the places that remained ‘taboo’ for children. Beginning with the popular destination Las Vegas, it was strictly for adults; with its gambling, drinking, and lavish party lifestyle this was no place for little children. Movie theaters were smaller and offered late night R-rated films, bringing mainly adults into the theater. Then there are festivals, such as the Renaissance Faire. This has been an all-time favorite of mine, and can be found in almost any state today. I’m not discussing X-rated films or entertainment in that matter; it’s in general reference to places one can attend without the presence of small children.

Our world has changed, and so have the rules. When Las Vegas sold its casinos to the larger corporations, it too began to change the course of life in this so-called sin city. Now, many of its casinos cater to children in some type of fashion, whether it be theme parks, shows and, or baby-sitting services. So today… as one walks down the strip, you battle strollers and young children, not to mention… at many of the hotel pools as well. Movie theaters have increased in size, making it more comfortable while serving food, cocktails and snacks, having several theaters to choose from. This makes it possible for adults to see an R-rated flick (with cocktail in hand), while the children go into another theater which offers G or PG-ratings. And then, we have the Renaissance Faire. I first began attending in 2006. This faire is themed from a time period of 1500’s to 1600’s, and offered entertainment ranging from; music, strolling wenches, jousting knights, tomato throwing (while being insulted) and even R-rated (crude) insults were available for larger sums of money in its pub, by a master insulter…the Archbastard. The attendance for this faire was mostly adults with maybe a few teens or tweens. However, today it brings carloads of families with young children, as well as babies in strollers. Just like Las Vegas, it now has areas that will cater to children with face painting, small rides and even a medieval type play area. I no longer see much interaction with strolling cast members, the professional insulter, and see children throwing tomatoes instead of adults. I feel that some of the adult fun has been put out to dry, so-to-speak. There are plenty of other theme parks, such as Six Flags and Disney for children of all ages to enjoy, along with County and State fairs everywhere during summer months. I miss the adult fun that was once easy to find among places not too far. Now days, we must battle the crowds between strollers and kids that seem not to interested in some of these places their parents take them to. Don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to say, as I raised three of my own. But let’s face it…as adults our options of entertainment are narrowing when it comes to attending places without the presence of younger ones. As for me, I will continue to search for fun things to do, with and without the presence of young ones.

Make your week count.