“I’ve met him personally twice,” Mesquite Police Department Chief Troy Tanner told the Mesquite Local News about his public endorsement of presidential candidate Marco Rubio. “I did my own research into several of the candidates and I think he is the best person to lead the United States.

Rubio is a Florida Republican senator running for President in the 2016 election. He continually polls in the top ten contenders in a field of 17 Republican candidates. He also has ties to Las Vegas, NV, having spent part of his childhood there.

Tanner released a public letter about his endorsement on Aug. 10 in which he states “While many law enforcement organizations make political endorsements, historically individual police officers do not jeopardize their reputation by offering personal endorsements to any candidate for public office. However, meeting with this incredible man and understanding his goals, ideas, and plans to modernize our economy and government, it is apparent he is the leader we need to orchestrate a bold conservative reform and transform America. Because of this I have decided it is time for me to break with tradition and make a personal endorsement.”

Saying he will not force his personal political views on any of his employees, Tanner went on to explain to the MLN that “I have not been politically involved until the last three years. In that time, I’ve dealt extensively with state and local political leaders and I’ve seen what we can do for Mesquite when we get involved.”

Indeed, Tanner has testified before the Nevada State Assembly and the Clark County Commission in support of the raising the ‘More Cops” sales tax rate that was passed by the voters in 2004. He has also worked with the Nevada Governor’s office on police enforcement policies and issues.

“I boldly offer my unconditional and total support by endorsing the candidacy of Marco Rubio for President of the United States of America,” Tanner’s letter says.

“Marco will fight for us citizens, secure our future, and bring fresh ideas to the forefront. I believe Marco is the kind of leader we need who is capable of bringing Americans together to revive the founding principles that made our country great,” his letter of endorsement concludes.

Campaign officials intend to publish Tanner’s letter on Rubio’s Web site in the near future.