February 22, 1996:  Mesquite’s new Public Works maintenance shop on Turtleback Road is almost ready to begin servicing city equipment, according Allen Bell, director of Public Works.

February 23, 1916,  Littlefield, AZ:   Jos H Reber and men have just returned from working on the road from here to Stephen R Linge’s, making a good road and putting in a bridge across the Mesquite ditch, which was greatly needed as it was a very bad crossing.  They sure did work.

February 24, 1877, Bunkerville, NV:  Finished planting grain in Bunkerville.

February 25, 1915, Littlefield, AZ:  Mr. Staheli is working cotton up into batting at the Washington cotton mill.  He says he has 15 tons of very fine cotton on hand, grown at Littlefield and other points down the river excepting 1000 pounds grown at Washington.  The batting being made is of exceptionally fine quality.

February 26, 1957:  John Houston purchased one share of the Capital Stock of Virgin Valley Television Corporation.

February 26, 1923, Bunkerville, NV:  We have had an epidemic of flu here for the last two weeks.  Many of our people being ill but few serious.