July 4th fireworks weren’t the only thing skyrocketing in Mesquite last month.

Building permits appeared to be flying out the door as 93 of them worth $5.2 million dollars were issued by the City in July.

Just over $5 million dollars for 28 new Single Family Residences accounted for the bulk. Pulte Homes took out 14 permits for new homes in Sun City Mesquite development. NRC developers took a total of nine permits with seven of them for home construction in the Santa Teresa subdivision just off Pulsipher Lane.

By comparison, the City issued 59 permits in July 2014 worth $2.9 million with 16 of them for new single family homes.

Twelve permits were issued for new businesses in July up from four last year while four more were dedicated to commercial modifications.

It seems more homeowners were remodeling their homes this year since 11 permits were issued for work on existing residences compared to only six last year. The bulk of them were issued to Southwest Awnings for outdoor modifications.

Overall for the year, the number of building permits issued by the city are running ahead of this time last year in both numbers and dollar valuations. From January through July the city has issued 584 permits in all categories for a total of just over $23 million dollars. At the end of July 2014 the city issued 482 permits for $22.5 million dollars.

Five new business licenses were issued in July to the new Dotty’s Tavern going in where the 19th Hole Restaurant used to be. Two were issued to the new Antigua Bohemia Bar & Restaurant on W. Pioneer Blvd and two were dedicated to the new QuickCare Center that’s moving from near Mesa View Regional Hospital to Hillside Drive near Smith’s grocery store.

The 18 business licenses revoked by the city in July were evenly split between businesses closing or sold and those canceled for non-payment.