Why build the wall? There are many people who do not want to build any barrier to block illegal immigration and those who do not want to give the President any victory or allow him to fulfill his campaign promises. Some actually believe we should have completely open borders. They believe that anyone who wants to come here should be able to even if some American worker who is paying taxes has to support them or an illegal immigrant takes the job from an American citizen.

Those that just want to block the President from delivering on his campaign promises are the Democratic establishment. It is hard to believe that those Democrats would defy the will of the American people, yes they did not agree with our electoral collage system but that is our system as it has been for hundreds of years. Those who are blocking everything are the traitors to the American system of government.

There are many reasons to build a wall or some physical barrier; safety, economic and cultural does list just three. Safety is the simplest of all as we should know something about people coming into our country. Do they have a disease which could infect others?  Not that that should block someone, but they may need to be isolated and receive treatment to protect others.

There are of course the crimes committed which result in huge cost and victims that have their lives changed forever and the change is usually not positive. Murders where someone is lost forever who thought that the local government would protect them. How wrong they were when cities and states provide sanctuary for the bad guys instead of protecting their citizens. How about the rapes and all the other crimes, from the supporters, comes the statement “no big deal”? And they are right as far as law enforcement in sanctuary cities goes, however if it is you or a loved one, it may seem a little more significant.

Many might differ on the economics but several things are clear, most of these people come with very little skill and no money. What happens of course, is they apply for welfare and usually get it, if they do not get it at first there are many groups to coach and guide them to the money. The children must be educated so the tax payer picks up that bill too. There is almost no incentive to work and pay taxes. If you work for cash it is all yours and you still get welfare, if you work, you pay taxes and lose part of your welfare money. What about those thousands in prisons that we have to support to the tune of $75,000 per inmate each year in California, (information for Nevada not available).

What about culture, the culture that we have here in America? Some might say we are a melting pot until they go into an area that does not speak English or a school where the kids fly the flag of another country or maybe some have seen the caravans coming north where the people are flying the flag of their home country. These people are not coming north to become American; they are coming for the MONEY! People who come here legally want to become Americans, those from the south only want the money. They want the American tax payer to support them and still retain their own culture.