College of Southern Nevada Mesquite center would like to introduce Ammon Arave. Prof. Arave joins us with his Masters of Arts in Professional Communication from Southern Utah University.

Prof. Arave is scheduled to teach COM 101- Oral Communications for the Fall 2015 semester on Wednesdays from 6:00pm-8:50pm beginning August 26th. This course covers theory and practice in extemporaneous speaking and other prepared speaking experiences. Students will learn to design an effective speech topic/purpose, prepare an effective speech and apply the principles of effective delivery to communicate the prepared speech.

This course is required for the majority of degrees. For more information on this class and many others please stop by the campus at 140 N Yucca St and pick up a copy of the upcoming Fall Schedule. Registration is currently in progress. Call staff at 702-346-2485 with any questions.