To the Editor:

So your headline reads “Out-of-towners address issues related to Gold Butte” perhaps misleading some to assume there is little local support for the Gold Butte National Conservation Area.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact that our Public Lands and Gold Butte are also of considerable interest and support from citizens outside the Virgin Valley should be noticed by the Council as well as the anonymous “city staff” that determined the issue should be brought to the Council probably in hopes of withdrawing previous City support.

I’m sure those actions didn’t disappoint MLN. MLN has a history of gushing at every outburst from a delusional local rancher as though it contained messianic qualities.  But more importantly, our reputation as a City is at stake.  We can be seen as progressive and welcoming City or as a closed haven for those who can’t locate a flux capacitor to experience the nineteenth century.

Last month the Indiana State Government learned a bitter lesson about legislating in an echo chamber.  The City Council should take note.  They have a choice between what’s easy and what’s smart and in the best interests of the City.   The right choice is clear.

Jim Weber