I like quotes, I often copy them and save them and use them later for an article or just to think about.  Unfortunately every so often I cannot credit the author as is the case in the following quote.  I wish I could because it says a lot in one sentence.

“A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right and evil doesn’t become good just because it’s accepted by a majority.”

This is most appropriate this week, as the Supreme Court came down on the side of gay marriage.  For the record I am opposed to gay marriage for many reasons.  I am not opposed to gay partnerships, contractual agreements etc.  I do not care one way or the other who sleeps with whom.  I am not homophobic, I really don’t care.  You are not that important in my thinking.

What I care about is the Constitution and how our Supreme Court has abused the Constitution to make a political statement that is basically built on a lie.

The lie is how many people are gay or support gay marriage. If you have been watching  any new television dramas or comedies the past few years there have been subtle changes to casting to make what is not the norm, normal.  Normal is however in the eye of the beholder.

Now when I have finished writing this article I will have stepped on some toes, made other uncomfortable and frankly spoken out for many who have been intimidated into saying  nothing.

Casting for current shows must have, one or two gays, one or two blacks, a strong bossy woman, a Hispanic, usually just one, and a helpless stupid white male.  You can take this cast  of characters put them in a bag, shake them up and out they come for another show.  This is called diversity.  And boy if you are not on board with Hollywood driven diversity you have some sort of phob.  Phob is not a real word but should be soon.

I don’t like media or entertainment working together to shape policy for the country, based on a lie they are pushing.

So I decided after much thought to put this observation out there knowing full well I am taking the risk of being called something and most likely it won’t be good.  The article can be dissected to make me sound racist or homophobic and frankly I don’t care.  Someone needs to stand up and say what so many are thinking.

Tea party members generally steer clear of social issues and stick to taxes, less government and greater freedom.  But sometimes one butts up against the other and in this case it is a politicized Supreme Court with two justices who should have recused themselves because they had performed gay weddings.  At that, it would not be a problem if they looked to the constitution as a guide for their decisions.

The lie also goes to illegal immigration in that basically the numbers are in truth 1/3 of those who are actually here.  In 2005 the Pew Institute changed the numbers and guess what, the number has never risen since 2005.  So it is not 11 million, it is closer to 30 million based on the old number which in 2005 was 24 million according to Pew at that time.  A little research on your part will prove me right on the numbers; but I am telling you something that just makes a person want to duck down into a prairie dog hole.  Because if the numbers are correct then we really need to do something about the problem or it is possible the country could go bankrupt.  This is where a progressive would step in and call me a racist; but telling the truth about illegal immigration is not racism.  The more truth that is told the louder the racism mantra is spoken.

For instance I don’t think it is normal for a white girl to identify as black to basically get school scholarships and jobs as a minority.  That to me screams unstable.  But to listen to the media it was a three day marathon on why.  How about “she’s crazy”.  That pretty much sums it up.  Why waste your time and our time trying to figure out crazy.  Elizabeth Warren did the same thing by representing herself as a Native American and it helped her get positions within the university system.  Think of the real Native American who lost out on a position because of a greedy Elizabeth Warren.  Last but not least is Ward Churchill at the University of Colorado. He also represented himself as a Native American and got a cushy professorship until he went off the rails and brought attention to himself.  I wonder what kind of Phob these people suffer from.  This might be truth phob.

The truth is not right wing or left wing.  Truth can be twisted to create another truth that is palitable to right wing or left wing individuals.  But if you listen to your gut and not your head the truth lays there and creates doubt.  Sometimes I just hate the truth for doing that.  Your head will lie to you; but your gut will always tell you the truth.

So with this in mind it is apparent that the medical marijuana business is just a stepping stone for legalized marijuana.  That is the truth.  The proponents of medical marijuana don’t give a lick about helping people in pain, they see the future dollar signs of legalized marijuana.  I am bringing this up because here we are a year after we hastily had to pass a resolution to allow medical marijuana into our community, not only as a dispensary but as a major grow operation for Las Vegas.  Because of “problems” with moving ahead to get these operations going mainly coming from state government entities, we are now a year later going to again stand up to Deep Roots Medical and those on the Mesquite City Council to hold them to the original agreement for fees.  Government needs to understand they should not manipulate private business.  The fees are set.  Deep Roots Medical should have had a business plan to cover contingencies such as dealing with bureaucracy.  We need this money for the children.  Okay that’s a lie, but if the lie is good enough for the governor then it’s good enough for me.