First, I am not a smoker, but I am a constitutionalist. The economics have been laid out and that alone should have guided the City to squash this Chinese/North Korean, controlling piece of arrogant, freedom sucking idea back to where it came from.

Businesses have the right to run their businesses as they want. Wedges is smoke free, and they made that decision. That is great! But to have a small group come into our town and mandate to our people and businesses what to do is not the way Nevada works, or America works!

The validity of an argument is proven by changing the subject to see if it holds weight. So let’s change “Smoking” with, liquor or what kind of car you drive. Would we crumble to the wishes of a small group of people that say only economy cars, no trucks because they waste gas? How about no liquor? That’s a good one. My favorite is (I think it is) in Highland Utah, they made it illegal to have your business open on Sunday! Yeah, that’s going to fly real good here!

Now the rights thing, a lot of people go into and work in the casinos and bars. I can say with all surety that NO ONE is forced to go into or work in these businesses!  Seriously, NO ONE has to. They can work anywhere! And people do not have to go into these businesses! So no one can say they “Have to work there or go in there “! That alone should send these carpetbaggers home!

So, City and Counsel of Mesquite, in Nevada, we still believe in rights and freedoms. So, stand up for the entire City and all of Nevada! If not, please move out of our state.


Frank Williams