January 4, 1911: Alfred Frehner is building a very neat two room house here. It will be built of lumber. There are now twenty families in and close to Littlefield.

January 6, 1909: Washington County News: The flood came down the Fort Pierce Wash at the same time exceeded in volume the flood in the Virgin River, and the roaring could be distinctly heard five miles away. Big as the combined water from the Virgin River, Santa Clara Creek and the Fort pierce Wash was, yet it was exceeded by the volume by the flood that came down the Beaverdam wash so the  river assumed a terrible aspect by the time it reached Littlefield, Bunkerville and Mesquite and other down river settlements doing a great amount of damage.

January 7, 1916: Mrs. Henry Frehner spent the holidays in Bunkerville.

January 12, 1912: Mr. Torsen was here during the fore part of the week, representing a company that expects to build a dam up in the “narrows” of the Virgin near Littlefield AZ. If the plan works there will be thousands of acres of land to to be got and will be a good place for home seekers.

January 12, 1916: Our school is closed on account of the teacher being on the sick list.

Farmers are busy cleaning and plowing land getting ready for spring

The mountains are covered with snow and the river is very high.