The city’s newest Splash Pad located in Hafen Park for those that want to get wet, stay cool and play at the same time will open to the general public on May 27 just in time for summer fun.

Water surface mount jets and river runnels provide great ways to enjoy the summer and stay cool. Best of all, the facility is free. Children must be supervised at all times and please no running in the splash pad area. There are many amenities around the park including shade structures near the pavilion, a fishing pond, tennis courts, playground, picnic areas and open fields for play time.

The splash pad is available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Sunday from May 27 until Sept. 30 depending on the weather. The Hafen Park splash pad is located at 450 Hafen Lane.

The community is asked to obey all rules and regulation of the facilities and fellow citizens will appreciate everyone’s efforts on keeping the area looking nice and picking up after your visit.