It was announced at the May 26 City Council Meeting that the grand opening ceremonies for the new Splash Pad at 450 Hafen Lane will take place on Friday, June 5, 2015 at noon.MLN-Splashmay21-15

The original ceremony on May 22 was cancelled due to a storm that had moved into the area bringing rain and high winds throughout the afternoon. The community is invited to attend; the Mesquite Fire Department will be barbecuing hot dogs and hamburgers for attendees for free.

The Hafen Splash Pad project was mainly funded by the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) the Community Resources Management Division of Clark County, Nevada and City funds. The project has been underway and in planning stages for almost a year, the facility includes an open lawn, the walking trail around the facility, a pavilion, nearby picnic areas, basketball court and shade canopy by the fish pond nearby. The Splash Pad is an above-ground play area with various water fountains and streams; it combines different water movements to entertain users.

“This is an exciting time for The City of Mesquite,” Nicholas F. Montoya, Interim Director. “We want to give a special thanks to Mayor, City Council, Dr. Brian Paulson, the CDBG Community Development Coordinator, Public Works Director, Bill Tanner and the Athletic & Leisure Services Department.”