Nineteen young women from the Mesquite Nevada Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints received their Young Womanhood Recognition awards at a special program on May 6th. To earn this award girls from the ages of 12 to 18 years must set goals in eight value areas-faith, divine nature, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, and virtue. They are to achieve them through 70 hours of community service, church service and self-improvement projects. The young women also are to read 531 pages of the Book of Mormon.


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The combined efforts of these nineteen girls totaled of 874 goals completed, 1,330 project hours served, and 10,089 pages of the Book of Mormon read.

The Young Womanhood Recognition went to the following:
Alexis Atkinson -Mesquite 1st Ward; Sara Anderson -Mesquite 2nd Ward; Alicia Matthews -Mesquite 3rd Ward; Shalee Hafen, Talia Hansen and Sarah Rappleye -Mesquite 4th Ward; Amber Sandoval -Mesquite 6th Ward; Carlie Hughes, Camri Ludvigson, Markell Ludvigson and Kylee Tobler -Mesquite 7th Ward; Josie Garlick -Littlefield Ward; Kinlee Clark, Lauren Leavitt, Taylor Waite and Alison Cook -Bunkerville 1st Ward; and Emma Dodenbier, Natilyn Faught and Hanna Haviland -Bunkerville 2nd Ward.

Young women who have already received the Young Womanhood award can receive the Honey Bee award with more effort through 40 hours of service, mentoring and reading 531 pages in the Book of Mormon. Six young women achieved these goals and were awarded at the same recognition dinner and program with their parents.

The Young Women who received the Honey Bee Award were:
Savannah Lee -Mesquite 4th Ward; Kallie Graves and Kennedi Ludvigson -Mesquite 7th Ward; Haley Allen and Cassadee Reber -Bunkerville 1st Ward; and Rachel Cook -Bunkerville 2nd Ward.