Sons, fathers, and grandfathers  worked side by side for over 80 years, transforming a desert sand into lush, green fields of alfalfa.  All the while growing and cultivating their skills along with this land along the Arizona/Nevada border.  Kokopelli Landscaping, Inc’s  founder and owners, Kelby, Wade, Shane and Rusty Hughes, continue to help bring further beauty to the already stunning valley nestled next to the Virgin River.

Years ago, the farmland that greeted travelers along the I-15 corridor, was converted to the first golf course in the Virgin Valley, The Palms Golf Course.  Much to the murmurs of many who had lived and doubted the vision of a green playground set among this often brutal sun, sand and wind.

Kokopelli founders, Kelby Hughes and sons Wade and Shane started the company in 2003.  When Kelby Hughes retired in 2009, a cousin Rusty Hughes joined the company as an owner.  Kokopelli grew quickly but conservatively from one single employee to now one of the area’s largest employers with 120 employees and relocated from a 600 square foot adobe house on Mesquite Blvd to the current property on W Pioneer Blvd.

Through the years of living among and developing farmland, golf courses and breathtaking landscaping throughout the area, the family owned and operated company transformed into what is now Kokopelli Landscaping, Inc.

Kokopelli has played the director in the development of some of the area’s most outstanding courses including the Palmer, Vistas, Wolf Creek and Falcon Ridge.  Kelby was confident and when asked about his success, his response has consistently been “growing grass is growing grass”.

While others were razing the native vegitation to make way for development, Kokopelli has used years of cooperating with and understanding local flora to minimize disturbances and enhance and maximize landscapes that work.

From small, individual yards to the palm-lined main streets of Mesquite, Kokopelli’s attention to detail has created beautiful and functional landscapes that benefit the community and nature, and requires minimum maintenance.  Kokopelli has expanded and perfected their services over the years to include lawn and yard maintenance, patios, ponds, fire pits, outdoor BBQ’s, stone work, pavers, block walls, privacy fences, awnings, water features and more.

Kokopelli can help the customer achieve a multi-functional space depending on preference whether looking to entertain friends for outdoor cookouts, relaxing and kicking back in a serene surrounding, or landscaping designed for kids and pets.  Visit Kokopelli today at 1485 W Pioneer Blvd or call 702-346-2332 for a free consultation and estimate.

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