People browse ads to purchase and trade items, rent housing, find employment and whatever else that fancy’s their wants or needs (under personals). Then there are those that place the ads to gain attention, meaning they become creative in order to draw the attention in order to sell their items. Big ticket items for sale would be automotive and housing; but jewelry and other things can be found as well. Everyone is looking for a deal these days. Craigslist is a free on-line advertisement website, used basically for classifieds. It was started over a decade ago by one single guy, but didn’t do that well. Then one day… some investors came forward, deciding to put some money into marketing craigslist, which began a new phase. It took off, as it marketed itself on being a community for the people. It gained enough attention to put it on the map, so-to-speak.

Using craigslist is free for most, placing ads in order to sell services or products. However, in the recent years it has drawn the attention of people with ‘not so good’ intentions. Now, we all have to be careful as to what one might be seeking from these postings (ads). Recently in Wisconsin, a gentleman had placed in ad to sell his vehicle. It was a full size truck. He was smart about showing it (to a potential customer), by having him meet at his employers on his lunch (or break), letting fellow workers know what he was doing. The person showed up, and so began the process of selling. As the customer looked around the truck, engaging the owner in small conversation, he then asked to take it for a test drive. The owner expected to sit in the passenger seat, so he handed the keys over and stood by the door, getting ready to open it. Things took a turn, when suddenly the customer put the keys in the ignition and slammed it into gear and began to take off. The owner held on to the door for life, as his fellow co-workers couldn’t believe their eyes. He was dragged down the street, until he finally let go. The police were called immediately to the scene, but the person wasn’t caught. This is only one incident, occurring in the past couple of weeks. Many more incidents have happened all over the United States. I’m sure everyone remembers the ‘Craigslist Killer;’ an engaged man, who stalked women that placed personal ads were sought out and killed by him… in fact they made a movie about it.

In my most recent article about ‘Bold Thievery,’ I mention how personal it seems to get, as these types of thieves have no feelings… no attachments, though most of us do. When I think of the story about the sunglasses (prescription yet) and how they were right next to the person and the thief watched closely and took the opportunity to lift them as this person turned their head in a brief moment, it brings me heartache and worry. Craigslist will always have criminals looking to find new prey. It’s just so sad.

If you want to place an ad, I recommend doing your fair share of homework first. You need to be more careful these days, protecting yourself and whatever it is you might be selling. The last time I used craigslist to sell some items, I received a Wells Fargo check (it looked legit) for more than the item sold for. They wanted me to cash it and send them the change back! What they didn’t know…  I used to work for the bank, knowing immediately it was fraud. I turned it into the bank and they thanked me. I no longer use this website, but for those that do… always be aware of everything. I will leave you with one more note; it’s a site that gives answers along with comments for craigslist users… ; again… be careful. If you feel uneasy about any postings or potential people interested in your stuff, always go with your gut. If it seems too good to be true… most likely it is.

Make your week count.