To the Editor:

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Mesquite I would like to extend my heartfelt “Thank You” to the many people involved in this year’s Mudd Volleyball Tournament.  Once again, Gerri Chasko and the Eureka Casino Resort graciously allowed us to hold our event there and helped us in so many ways.  Shane Hughes and Kokopelli Landscaping dug our pits making it possible to have two games going.  And a huge round of applause to Mesquite’s best, DJ Number Juan, for playing such awesome tunes throughout.

But it was the wonderful men and women of Mesquite’s Police and Fire Departments that really made the day fun and exciting!!!  This group of men and women came out to play….and play they did.  Some having just gotten off shift and others needing to head into work following nine robust games, they didn’t disappoint anyone waiting to see which group would be named the “Studds of the Mudd” for 2015!

Others so instrumental in making this year’s event work were Reliance Connects, Larry LeMieux, Redd Hills Cinema, Danielle’s Chocolates, Royal Sanitary Services, the City of Mesquite, Arlene Waite, and Smith’s Food & Drug.  There are always so many people who deserve recognition and thanks.  I hope anyone and everyone involved knows how very much their support means to the Mesquite Rotary Club.

Linda Gault

Mesquite Rotary Club President