Pet ownership has been linked to positive mental well-being while promoting a better physical health for many. It’s no surprise that pets are used in rehabilitation places or nursing homes. People that have lap pets embrace the calmness it provides them, not to mention the unconditional love felt by owner and pet. In many cases these types of animals are also used for those that suffer depression; so besides these attributes, there is another growing trend; singles and their pets.

There is a wide range of singles among every community, such as: widowed, divorced and separated couples. In fact, people believe that those who are animal lovers are easier to love and “key” to better relationships and dating. Pets can help a person stay on track when it comes to activities, such as a daily walk. They never talk back to you, they don’t give unwanted advice and they love you unconditionally no matter what; they are wonderful when it comes to reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and will be your companion on those lonely nights. Having a pet has been used as the “natural ice-breaker” for some time; it helps one to communicate with others, especially if you are not a very sociable person. So for the single person wanting to meet others and possibly date, having a pet can pave the way for conversation while optimizing possibilities.

Over 50% of single pet owners would tell you that their date must be able to love dogs or cats. An ideal match would be someone who shares the same love for their pet type. More singles today are discovering that pet ownership provides them comfort and satisfaction in their own personal lives, so when meeting another… they become more cautious in a new relationship, due to the pet connection they feel at home. This isn’t at all a bad thing. Dog parks are an easy place to meet another person with the same pet interest, but what about those that have other pet types? Maybe they have a cat or a ferret… even fish, rabbits or horses. After doing some research, I found some places that I had no idea about. Beginning with Pet Smart Charities and they offer what they call “Pet-Friendly mixers.” They host an event and include local food trucks and special appearances by professional pet trainers, for singles and their pets. This makes it easy to enjoy a day without the stress of the meet & greet process while taking their pets on a field trip. If you are looking for a direct way to meet someone, I will give you a few top dating sites for animal lovers: , , , and . There’s something for everyone, no matter what your pet may be. We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing an animal companion, but finding a mate can be a bit more challenging today. Your pet companion doesn’t lie to you and always loves you, but a mate… well, that’s another story for some other time. Good luck to all of you.

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