(Editor’s Note: Current City Clerk Cherry Lawson emailed the following on Thursday morning, March 26, 2015. It will be printed in the April 2 MLN as well as any details on who will fill her position at the end of her employment.)

Dear Mesquite Community,

By this time, you may have heard the rumor that I have resigned my position of City Clerk. It’s true!

Some of you may say, “It’s about time!”  Yet others may feel, “It’s too soon—don’t go!”

Well to all of you, I say thank you.  I will miss you.  Nearly six years ago, I rolled into Mesquite with my family in tow.  I made a home here and several friends.  Today, those friends are my family, whom I love dearly and will miss seeing on a regular everyday basis.

I was given this amazing opportunity six years ago to serve you [Mesquite] in the capacity of your City Clerk.  I did not take this opportunity lightly.  I came to this position (at that time on October 12, 2009) with nine years of experience having served as a Clerk from Ypsilanti, Michigan and Sedona, Arizona.  In the six years that I have spent in Mesquite, I have learned to love and appreciate this small community with extremely generous hearts and supreme volunteerism.  I have watched my son, Nicholas grow into this amazing young man who loves his friends, teachers, soccer team mates and coaches. He, too, will miss you all as well.

Mesquite, you have made an everlasting impression on my family!  To that end, I graciously thank you.  From my friends that love me and my family, my church family at First Baptist, Drs. Habib, Drs. Ed and Theresa Ofori, DDS, who provided amazing care for me and my family, my extended family—City of Mesquite employees and City Council (past and present), as well as each and every person in this community who allowed me to serve you in my capacity as your City Clerk.

God has blessed me with another amazing opportunity to now serve the community of Bloomington, Illinois a population of approximately 78,000, that has some rural areas like Mesquite; but it is a much larger city that is about 2 hours from Chicago, Indianapolis, and St. Louis.  I am leaving Mesquite to be much closer to my family in Michigan and Indiana.  This is the right opportunity at the right time in my life for me and my family.

I appreciate you Mesquite for your hospitality and your friendship.  It has been a pleasure serving you.  In my 30 days left in the community, I hope to be able to say good-bye to you all.  However, I’m a realist—that’s not possible.   So, if I do not see you before I depart, know that “All is Well with Me and My Family.”


Cherry L. Lawson