Throughout November, Mesquite police officers have been seen around town growing beards for a good cause. The police department’s first-ever participation in a No Shave November event was to challenge officers to raise funds to support Liv Stuart’s battle with leukemia.

Olivia (Liv) Stuart is the 15-year-old daughter of Mesquite natives Rod Stuart and Katie Bales Stuart and the niece of Mesquite Police Officer Ryan Hughes. On Sept. 5, Liv was life-flighted to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Liv was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Liv has a high-risk, more aggressive mutation called FLT3-ITD (internal tandem duplication). Treatment is very aggressive and includes intense chemotherapy and Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (bone marrow transplant). Liv and her family have relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah to be near Primary Children’s Hospital and Liv. You can keep updated on Liv by following her journey on Instagram @love.4liv

Each member of the Mesquite Police Department was permitted to grow facial hair, as long as they were able to donate at least $100 to Liv and her family.  Chief Troy Tanner also challenged the officers if they could raise more than him, then he would allow the them to keep their facial hair through the remainder of 2018.

As the month of November progressed, individuals and businesses alike steadily contributed money. We were humbled by the amount of donations being received at the police department in support of Liv Stuart and her family.  We are happy to announce over $10,000 had been donated!

Tanner’s efforts raised $5,000, and the rest of the police department raised an additional $5,000. Regarding the month long event, Tanner said, “I am grateful to live in such a generous community.  Time after time we rally together to help each other in times of need.  I could not have imagined we could receive so much from so many individuals and businesses.  I want to thank everyone who donated to Liv Stuart and her family.”  Chief Tanner added; “I also want to thank the officers who participated in this event and sought out donations.  As a thank you, I am going to allow those officers to continue wearing their beards through December.”

The Mesquite Police Department hopes to start a tradition of reaching out and helping someone in our community each November.  We hope the success of this month’s fundraising efforts will continue on for years to come.  As a final thank you to all those who participated and donated, we have included a list of donors:


Donald A. Woodmancy, Jordan & Brook Bundy, Troy Tanner, Jon L. Osgood, Shereen Peterson, Michael Wilde Sr., Shawn & Colleen Glieden, Mike & Benet Murphy, Drayton Woods, David & Deborah Ballweg, David & Jill Empey, Tracy Fails, Robert Stepp, Toni & Nick Baeza, Lawrence Stewart, Brian Hunter, Bunny Wisemen, MaQuade Chesley, Daniel & Mindi Wright, Taylor & Bethany Bundy, Travis Eaton, Karen Valdez, George S Liti, Ryan Hughes, Ian McOmie, Brad & Erika Swanson, Ross & Weslie Stratton, Joseph Musser, Wesley & Mekesha Boger, Walt May, Jackie Bulkley, Michael Bennett, Chris Rowley, Mauri Webster, Austin & Ethan Workman, Cliff & Laurie Hughes, Sara Sabey, Randy Woods, Quinn Averett, Mindy P Hughes, Leslie Fouste, Cindy Rizbins, Abbie & Lee Hafen, Linda Woods, Jesus Gaytan, Cory Dunn, Cody & Jodi Thornley, Norm & Chrissy Sells, Becky Saymore, Cheryl & Curtis Steadman, Steve & pam Bruehl

Marlee, Macy & Mycah Hughes, Alisia Leavitt, Kristin Cloud, Betty & Martin Conway, Joe Macias, Gary McCartney, Charles & Maura Plunkett, Audrey Smith, Nancy Robillard, Dave & Collett Price, Joanne Migliozzi, Scott Taylor


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