Award Program Recognizes Excellence in Clinical Quality and Patient Care

LAS VEGAS—HealthInsight is recognizing nine home health agencies across Nevada for their commitment to improving performance and promoting patient-centered care. The HealthInsight Quality Award Program recognizes high-performing health care provider organizations in the states for which HealthInsight serves as the Medicare program’s Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) contractor.

In order for agencies to be considered for the award, they must meet the following criteria:

  1. The agency ranks in the 90th percentile using current ranking methods based on the 16 available quality measures and a minimum of one full year of data.
  2. The agency has no condition of participation-level deficiencies on its last Medicare certification survey.
  3. The agency demonstrates a quality improvement project completed within the last year that targets one quality measure and promotes one element of patient-centered care.

To view a complete listing of the Home Health Quality Award criteria, visit our website:

The 2018 Home Health Quality Award recipients are:

  • Faith Home Health Care LLC – Las Vegas
  • Quality Nursing LLC – Henderson
  • Genesis Home Health Services – Elko
  • Reliance Health Care LLC – Las Vegas
  • Care First Home Care LLC – Las Vegas
  • Advocare Home Health LLC – Las Vegas
  • Royale Health Systems Inc. – Las Vegas
  • Mother’s Care Home Health Services Inc. – Las Vegas
  • Mesa View Home Care LLC – Mesquite


“We are pleased to recognize these outstanding home health agencies that are working continually to improve health care quality and patient care for Nevada residents,” said Linda Griskell, HealthInsight Nevada QIO director. “Their commitment to excellence is evidenced by their achievement of this award and underscores home health’s critical role in delivery systems to allow people to recover in their homes from illness or injury.”

The HealthInsight Quality Award Program was launched in September 2004 to promote transparency in health care. As defined by the Institute of Medicine, a transparent health care system is “accountable to the public, works openly, makes results known, and builds trust through disclosure.” By using publicly available quality data to identify high-performing providers and publicizing the results, HealthInsight aims to help providers improve health care and help patients become more active and informed participants in their own care.

The quality measures used in the award program come from data that are voluntarily reported by home health agencies across the nation. The national home health rankings used to select recipients are available at

About HealthInsight

HealthInsight is a regional health improvement collaborative that oversees affiliated 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporations in Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah, and End Stage Renal Disease Networks across the western United States. HealthInsight holds contracts and grants in key areas of health care improvement, including leading quality improvement activities for the Medicare program as the Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) for the four-state region. HealthInsight has experience assisting front-line providers and engaging health care stakeholders to improve health care and outcomes. Its programs focus on transparency and public reporting; effective use of health information technology; engaging patients and communities to improve their health; and redesigning how care is paid for and delivered.

In April 2018, HealthInsight and Qualis Health announced a formal merger, combining the two organizations and their operations across the U.S. Both Qualis Health and HealthInsight have been engaged in health care quality consulting and providing quality improvement services for more than 40 years.