To the Editor:
Regarding Frehner’s recent article “City and VVWD Request Comment Period Extension” (March 4, 2015), I wanted to point out a few things. The first is, as noted, the BLM RMP comment period has been open since early October of last year – 5 months ago – and has already been extended twice. It is hard to believe that the city of Mesquite did not find out about the draft Resource Management Plan until just a few weeks ago. As Mayor Litman said, “There’s a multitude of possibilities” in regard to the management plan – we can have both development and conservation. Let’s put aside a portion of our lands to conserve scenic and wildlife value while ensuring Mesquite has enough room for growth, access and recreation, while maintaining the District’s water rights. A sustainable multi-use plan informed by the citizens of southern Nevada will set the right path to ensure Mesquite’s economic opportunities and natural assets increase with time. It’s time to get on with it, and the BLM should move forward with the plan with the input it has received.  As the recent public land rallies held in both Carson City and Las Vegas against Senate Joint Resolution 1, the proposal to transfer Nevada’s public lands to state ownership, has demonstrated – there are plenty of people here in Mesquite and the rest of Southern Nevada who believe in a sound multiple-use strategy that balances conservation with development.

Rudy Moertl