Dear Editor,

It is with great disappointment that I must apologize to the community as a whole, our theater audience and the few people who when asked didn’t hesitate to help us out, get involved and produce the best they had to give; which was wonderful.

We have cancelled the production of The Sunshine Boys.

Dr. Stephanie Nainani: You joined our group on New Year’s Day leaving children and friends, traveled a distance and helped us produce a commercial for the Sunshine Boys production which I was directing. I’ve got to tell you all that Dr. Nainani was a natural and if she didn’t deliver babies that pretty much come when they want to, I’d work with her onstage or on camera with her in a heartbeat. I’m sorry you won’t see just now how good the Doctor was in her performance. She should be onstage but decided to bring life into the world instead.  Oh well, the babies and moms are incredibly lucky to have her, the stage…not so lucky. Thank you for your help, I’m sorry this didn’t work out, please work with us again sometime, we’d be thrilled to have you.

Floyd Johnson: I’m eternally grateful to you for your talent which I both admire and envy, to your putting aside your own work to do me the honor of painting our poster.  I feel extremely honored that you hold me in high enough esteem to do that; you’ll never know how grateful I am for your sacrifice and friendship.

Ken Juber: You put this together so quickly, so efficiently; you are a true professional. I can see why you have had such a successful career. You’re amazing and thank you for lending your expertise to our project. It is a beautiful commercial and you were an incredible director.   I may be holding auditions later for the missing cast member, think about it.

To our audience: Without exception we, members of the VVTG, have launched a variety of productions that we, as a team, always gave our all to.  With a diverse group of actors comes some ups and some downs. A meeting of the minds usually occurs during the production and must to accomplish the task of producing a show that you will enjoy; one that makes sense for the characters and especially our audience.

This time the meeting of the minds hasn’t happened and I can’t overcome the differences; the chasm is wide and deep and happens to be with one of the actors; a key player in our show. We’re usually able to pull ourselves up by the boot straps, call in the reserves and carry on. At this point in time, even the reserves no matter how good, couldn’t be effective.

On Jan. 3 our cast came together for a different meeting of the minds, board members presented their solution to our problem which was to pull an actor from the St. George theater who’d done the role previously.

The cast and I decided to go against the wishes of the board leaders. Cast members took a vote and it was unanimous, the cast and I didn’t want to give you anything less than our best; it’s what you deserve without exception because you have been a wonderful and supportive audience. We also discussed the possibility of moving forward with the Sunshine Boys at a later date, possibly next season but that will be the board’s decision.

We are two weeks from our scheduled opening and to try to squeeze and actor into a major role at this point wouldn’t be giving you our best.  We, the actors, would do anything for you except disappoint you with something that you won’t value.

The cast and I don’t want to put something out there just for the sake of, “The show must go on”, its better at this point if it doesn’t.

Nobody could be more disappointed than me, the rest of the actors had something really special happening with their characters, Chris Finnegan has some cool technical stuff to add to the mix and they are good.

We all truly apologize for letting you down on the Sunshine Boys but we hope that you’ll the VVTG another chance to wow you with an original play written by Director Nancy Arnold and Sue Kjellsen. Nancy was the director of Arsenic and Old Lace and you couldn’t have forgotten by now how good that was. I hear that the mellow dramas are interactive and fun plus it’s a musical, who doesn’t love a fun musical?

Again I extend my apologies to you all.


Teri Nehrenz

Director, Sunshine Boys