On Thursday, February 26, Police Officers were able to locate and arrest their suspect involved in multiple residential burglaries.  For the past few months, the Mesquite Police Department’s Investigative Services Division has been involved in a lengthy investigation involving multiple burglaries.  The suspect is currently in custody and has been identified as being responsible for numerous residential burglaries.  All of these burglaries have occurred within the Mesquite City area.

The suspect, Mesquite resident Cameron Hill, 33, has been charged with numerous felony counts of Burglary of a residence. MLN-Burglarymar5-15

Mesquite Police Chief Troy Tanner commended the community and his police officers for their collaborative effort; “The police department has been able to continually work hard and receive new and updated information related to the rash in home burglaries thanks to citizens keeping a constant watch on their neighborhoods and calling the police department whenever they observe suspicious activity.”  Chief Tanner added, “It is due to this teamwork between the community and police department that our burglary suspect is now in custody.”