The history of the challenge is that the Mesquite Men’s Golf  Association won the first two encounters with the Oasis Men’s Association but the OMA have won the last four in a row rather easily.  The 2015 edition began on the course where it was played for the first two years.  The MMGA is hoping by bringing the first days battle back to that course may be lucky for them.  Plus there is a little change in the nationality of the MMGA team.  Due to the shortage of MMGA players some additional players from Falcon Ridge were added in order to continue this challenge between the two clubs.  A huge, huge thank you for a job well done by Marty Conway and Paul Le Van to organize this event and put all these matches together.  There were changes still being made at 9 p.m. on Monday night.

At the end of the first day this is how things unraveled.  The home team came out on top by just one point 32.5 to 31.5.  The one point difference was the best starting day for the visitors in the seven year event.  Could the return to the Canyons and the number 7 fortell the year the Cup returns to the MMGA/FR?  The front nine holes was a scramble format where the visitors took a one point advantage at 11.5 to 10.5.  The back nine was head to head and the home boys came out on top by two points to go into the second day at Falcon Ridge leading by just that one point.  The only sweeper was the MMGA/FR team of Ken Ward and Frank Vandeweghe winning all three possible points.  Also for the visitors, winning 2.5 pts, was John Meyer and Dan Trower.  Matching that 2.5pts for the home team was Paul Mulhall and Brian Florence.   Now the final round goes to Falcon Ridge for an expected great finish.

The next scheduled play is Tuesday, March 3 at Falcon Ridge at 7:00 and Thursday Mar 5th at the Palms at 7:40.  Always check your sign up sheets for any corrected times or places.  Anyone interested in joining the MMGA can call 346-6363.  Also check out our website at