The Oasis Men’s Golf Club played their annual Member/Member golf tournament on Sunday and Monday, November 8 and 9. This is a highly respected and valued competition in which Oasis men’s club members choose their partners and vie against other club twosomes.

The tournament consists of a varied and challenging array of formats. Played over two days. The beginning nine holes warms up the field with a scramble on the Canyons course. The second nine is a challenging alternate shot competition that puts pressure on both players to perform. Players fret over each swing, trying mightily not to put any undue stress on their partner’s subsequent shot by hitting their own astray.  The second day of play moves to the Palmer course and challenges teams to nine holes of better ball of the two partners. The best is saved for last and has historically been the deciding factor in which teams triumph and which succumb to the extreme pressure and fall by the wayside. The last nine holes are aggregate score, or both scores from both players being added together–every stroke counts on the inward nine. In most cases the winners fare well on the final nine holes.

Each team is assigned a handicap for each portion of the event and all reported scores are net.

The 2015 Oasis Member/Member Tournament winners are:

First Flight

First Place:     Steve Wiggins and Drew McDermaid. Total score was 173.0

Second Place: Jim Bowman and Werner Graef: 173.6

Third Place:    Karl Palmer and Steve McCoy: 174.6


Second Flight

First Place:     Aaron Kennard and Terry Luzier: 172.5

Second Place: Chuck Endress and Dave Rush: 173.1

Third Place:    Mike Carpenter and Tony Fox: 173.6


Third Flight

First Place :    Rick Walton and Glenn Hood: 166.3

Second Place: Marty Oslowski and “Birdie” Bob Mason: 170.0

Third Place:    Jim Chatlin and David Haney: 174.3


Fourth Flight

First Place:     Michael Schritter and Bob Ostlund: 173.9

Second Place: Bob Cuschleg and Tom Fleming: 177.5

No third place award as fourth flight had fewer participants.