NDOT LogoNevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) crews are preparing for the possibility of a New Year’s Eve snowstorm in the Las Vegas valley. The National Weather Service believes there is up to 80 percent chance for a light snow fall from December 31 to January 1. NDOT maintenance crews have six snowplows prepared and ready in the Las Vegas Valley as well as another two dozen machines scattered throughout NDOT’s District I coverage area, which includes Clark, Lincoln, Esmeralda, Mineral and Nye counties.

“The department oversees 753 miles of freeways and roads in Clark County, which is about 13.7 percent of the total network,” says NDOT spokesman Tony Illia. “However, state maintained highways and roads account for over 52 percent of vehicle miles traveled, including Interstate-15 and U.S. Highway 95 as well as several major local thoroughfares like Sahara Avenue and Charleston Boulevard.”

The department has six maintenance stations in Clark County, including two in Las Vegas. NDOT currently employs 250 experienced and well trained maintenance workers in Southern Nevada. The department routinely coordinates and shares resources with the county and city municipalities as needed.

Meanwhile, NDOT crews are prepared to spread 40 tons of a product called “Ice Slicer,” which is an all-natural, high-performance deicer. It’s a road salt containing 90 percent sodium chloride and over 60 additional trace minerals.

“It de-bonds ice from the road surface 65.3 percent more effectively than standard white salt, and melts up to double the snow and ice after one hour,” Illia say. “It’s also 40 percent less corrosive than standard white salt, with a 14 degree lower freeze point.”

NDOT encourages drivers to be careful this holiday season, obeying all posted speed limits and traffic signals. Allow additional time driving, with a greater distance for gradual braking and accelerating. For current road conditions, go to: www.nvroads.com