Here we are again, another year gone by, anxiously awaiting the New Year with our hopes and dreams for a better future; health, prosperity, and peace, just to name a few. So while we look forward for better things to come, we often take a quick glance as what we will leave behind… 2014. While I wasn’t a fan of this past year, there are those moments and people… which have touched our lives that will be missed. The number one googled person for 2014 was Robin Williams. Sadly this great comedian passed away on August 11of asphyxiation and shocked the world, yet we lost many actors this past year, some before their time.

Making headlines in 2014 was the terrorist group Isis, and it is my hope that somehow our government can put an end to this in our close future. No doubt there have been many problems which surfaced toward the end of this year, such as the metropolitan police departments, among black racist issues. But many of us are just tired of the bad news, and so anxious to embrace the coming of 2015; “I am one.” The past two years of my life has brought numerous challenges… but I’m ready to move forward now, even if it feels like a snail’s pace. It’s a time for ‘letting go’ of the things we cannot change, such as the past and, or, present circumstances in which we have no control over. We must make the best out of every situation that comes our way. It is very true that one’s “attitude should be full of gratitude” and if living with this ‘motto’ can be your daily affirmation, you will be sure to have some positive experiences in your life. Also, instead of waiting for good things to happen, one must sometimes tell themselves “I’m going to make it happen!”  As you can see here, there are many things we do have control over, beginning with our ability to embrace each and every new day that is given… meaning, that if you have one bad day, you have a chance the following day to make it better. It’s a new day, and we can choose to react to things in a more positive manner no matter what comes. I am definitely ‘not’ perfect when it comes to this, but I am practicing to be better. I believe it is a learned behavior; we are not born with every great quality… as much as we like to think we are.

Reflecting on our past comes easy, especially when things don’t go in the direction we want them to; however… that is all this should be, while needing to concentrate on the future. Making our world a better place, along with bringing peace to all, should be the focus for the coming year. Hope and renewal; faith in the known and unknown are on my agenda because challenges can undoubtedly bring us to that darker place in which no one wants to reside in. Help others reach their goals this year, as this offers some personal satisfaction as well, you’d be surprised, not to mention fuels you to reach yours. I know from volunteering at Salvation Army this past holiday… it was a very satisfying feeling, emotionally. Meeting new people should be on everyone’s agenda this year, as it sometimes brings new opportunities in life or a different perspective on an old situation or circumstance. Be open this year, take on new challenges and cleanse yourself of whatever you consider ‘unhealthy’ in your life. Whatever your current status might be, let’s embrace 2015 and make it count for everyone. Sure, it might have some of the usual bumps in the road, but there’s always a way to smoothing them out; it’s a part of life and that’s what makes it worthwhile…  “Live as if it’s your last day, and dance as if no one is watching!”  Happy New Year to all.

Make your week count.