Janey Castro, left, the outgoing 2nd Vice-President/Membership Chair and 2014 Woman of the Year, congratulates Linda Shannon, right, voted the 2015 Mesquite Republican Woman of the Year. Submitted photo.


Mesquite Republican Women installed their 2015 officers at their regular monthly club meeting on the second Wednesday of the month. Secretary of State elect, Barbara Cegavske did the honors after which she thanked MRW members for their support in November’s election. She said her opponent out spent her four to one, but the grass roots effort got her elected. Cegavske identified her primary goal in her new position was to pass a voter ID mandate.

Assemblyman elect Chris Edwards was also in attendance and spoke briefly on his plans to keep MRW and Mesquite informed and involved. He too expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by club members and our community. Edwards expressed the importance of getting back to basics and reaching out to and involving our veterans. He also said now is the time to prepare for 2016. Voters between the ages of 18 and 25 will have a huge impact and we need to encourage them to be actively involved.


Newly elected 2015 Officers for the Mesquite Republican Women. Left to right: Paula Farrell, President, Debbie Schwob 1st Vice-President/Program Chair, Sherrie Hamilton 2nd Vice-President/Membership Chair, Barbara Cegavske Secretary of State elect, Carol Shepherd treasurer, Audrey Du-rance Secretary. Submitted photo.

Sue Smith, MRW President for the past two years cited several of the club’s accomplishments. Second Vice-President and Membership Chair, Janey Castro worked with Sue to gain name recognition for Mesquite Republican Women by participating in numerous events including the Clark County Fair and opening a Republican Headquarters where citizens could get information about the candidates and what they planned to do if elected. Several judicial and non-judicial forums were also held, inviting those on the ballot to introduce themselves.