With last week’s election the American people took the second step in taking back America. The first step was two years ago when they sent even more Republicans to the House of Representatives hoping that the message would be received and some changes made.  There were no changes and things actually got worse. The progressive programs and blatant actions by this administration have been just too much to handle.

Crises after crises have been hitting the administration with nothing done to solve them. Some were swept under the rug, others were ignored and others were just lied about. We had such hope for our first black President and the hope and change he would bring. Now the hope is gone. His black supporters have lost ground during his term, having the highest unemployment rate of any group. All Americans living standards have declined even with the government telling us it was getting better. The change was not what we expected; many believed it would be an opening of government and more freedoms, instead just more secrets and less freedoms.

This time the people spoke again and the outcry was deafening. The people have voted to send more Republicans to the Senate which will give them control. Voters have discovered things are not getting better no matter what the administration says. The intercity schools are no better despite millions and millions of dollars poured into them. Unemployment is still very high despite what the Department of Labor phony statistics show and we all know it. Many businesses are not growing they are shrinking. Incredible amounts of money have been spent on welfare but things don’t get better, they get worse because people get used to living on hand outs.

To fix the schools we need to sharply limit the power to teacher unions. We need to hold teachers and administrators responsible for performance of their students. When children don’t learn, it’s because their teachers don’t teach them correctly according to the student’s skills and needs. When I hear people say that the parents don’t get involved, do you think it’s because the schools don’t listen to them.  People go to meetings and everyone nods and smiles but nothing changes, people just stop coming. What ever happen to the PTA?

There has been no or very little improvement in the number of people employed but the government removes enough people from the unemployed list so the numbers continually get smaller. The only jobs that are created are government or entry level. If they keep on with removing people from the unemployed list they will eventually get to zero, wouldn’t that be great. Companies are going overseas to places that don’t have all the red tape and harassment that we have here. Again unions are a big part of this, demanding $25 an hour for an $18 an hour job. Think about it, why would any business pay more for a job if you can get it done for far less somewhere else? High taxes hurt our economy because companies don’t bring home money which would then be spent here.

Wages are not going up and they may even go down some with the influx of cheap labor from the illegals if the President allows them to have work permits. Think of all the entry levels jobs that will be sucked up by these people who will send much of the money they make back to their home countries, although we will support many of them and/or their childern with our welfare programs.

Now at least congress can pass bills and send them to the President to fix some of these things. If he tries to let all the illegals work many of our citizens will not find work and be confined to welfare themselves. Congress may be able to hold the line but this is where the Republicans will win or lose the next election.