To the Editor:

I have attended several Candidate forums for the Overton Power District Trustees, and I would strongly recommend Dave Ballweg and Mike Young for the two Mesquite seats. They both expressed several problems with the current board and their lack of oversight. They also suggested several good solutions which were vocally expressed and very important, that have not even been addressed such as ( term limits, refinance existing debt, just to mention a couple).There has to be a change in the Overton board make up and replace the opponents that are current board members. The current board has neglected their duty to the ratepayers and none of them even bothered to show up at the Sun City Forum. I guess they thought they have it made and don’t need the voters who attended. Real change only comes from changing the people not new promises from the same old people. The two candidates to elect are Ballweg and Young, for a change in the RIGHT DIRECTION.

Douglas Bruneau