To the editor:silver rider logo
A BIG thank you to the folks at Silver Rider. On Monday, there were 5 of us who were passengers on the trip to Las Vegas. As we were starting to head back to Mesquite, Our driver was contacted to pick the remainder of the group up, and head to the Cannery to wait for instructions. There was a possible problem with the highway near Moapa. They did not know yet how severe the damage to the road was. By the time we arrived, we knew it was bad, and we weren’t going to make it home. From the moment they knew there was a problem, our safety and comfort were a priority. We were kept informed, fed, housed, and provided for in every way possible.
Such care is indeed rare these days, and should be recognized. We were delivered home on Wednesday in safe and healthy condition.

Thanks, Silver Rider!
Mary Ann. Frates