MLN-NDOT1oct9-14 The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is making fast-track progress on repairs to Interstate-15, south of Mesquite, which was impacted by a September 26 flash-flood that saw the Muddy River swell 12 feet in 90 minutes, washing away the roadway and temporarily closing the interstate. General contractor, Las Vegas Paving, is performing a $1.4 million upgrade. The winning bid was 30 percent lower than initial NDOT estimates.

“We used a streamlined competitive bidding process for a rapid repair that still ensured tax payer savings,” said NDOT District 1 Engineer Mary Martini. “The repair is occurring within two weeks, whereas construction of a similar freeway segment could take 12 months or longer to design, build and complete from scratch.”MLN-NDOT2oct9-14

Repairs on I-15 began on September 30 between Mile Marker 111 and 112 and 115, about 75 miles north of Las Vegas, restricting travel to one lane in each direction. The total impacted area equals roughly three-quarters of a mile. Construction crews have been recording 3,000 man-hours of work for every 24-hour period.

“It’s a massive logistical undertaking – coordinating men, trucks, and machines – to haul and place material from the quarry to the jobsite, while still ensuring traffic stays open and flowing,” said NDOT spokesman Tony Illia.MLN-NDOT3oct9-14

Twenty-two tractor-trailer trucks are making 300 trips daily to haul and deliver 10,200 tons of aggregate material. Six pieces of heavy machinery, including two bulldozers and two wheel loaders, are helping expedite work. The undertaking will place 45,000 cubic yards of material or enough to fill 450 swimming pools. Construction also calls for 400 tons asphalt, which is the equivalent of filling 533 pickup trucks.

“The project is being built to strict federal standards, engineered to withstand a 100-year flood event,” Martini said. “We’re very pleased with the cooperative effort from out contracting partner, Las Vegas Paving, and the progress achieved thus far.”MLN-NDOT4oct9-14

Construction is scheduled to finish by October 17, with I-15 travel resuming unrestricted in each direction. For updated traffic information, go to: