Jerry-Myers_12_26Around five thousand years ago in the Kingdom of Uruk between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, a region known then as Mesopotamia, now modern Iraq; humans first started to write.  Writing gave those humans the ability to communicate with us today, and our generations to come.  Five thousand years is less than the blink of an eye in the scheme of time, in philosophical terms a form of immortality.

Princess Enheduanna, High Priestess of Uruk; High Priestess the Moon wrote the first pomes.  How do we know this?  She signed her name to them some 5,000 years ago.  These pomes were the first signed works that we know of.

The Epic tales of great hero Gilgamesh comes down to us from this same time period.  The story of Gilgamesh is older than the all books, even the books of the Bible, and the Greek tales of the Gods Olympus, and the seven labors of Hercules. The Gilgamesh stories have similar stories as all these later tales, from creation, a worldwide flood.  The building of an Ark, and the animals of the world coming to a wise man known as Utnapishtim to safely ride out a forty year flood.

Gilgamesh also went into the underworld to free the souls of the dead, and defeat a many headed snake that guarded the gates of the underworld, and abducted souls and swindled the living out of their eternal souls.  In-so doing Gilgamesh killed an immortal Lion that ate the victims that attempted to escape the Underworld.  Sound familiar?

Writing continued to develop over the next few thousand years.  Some 2,000 years ago the library of Alexandrea held an estimated million written works from all corners of the known world.  Most survive  in many forms today, but many more were lost to us when the Alexandrian Library was destroyed four different times; (1) Caesar’s conquest in 48 BC, (2) Attack of Aurelian, 3rd century, (3) Decree of Theodosius, destruction of the Serapeum of the Alexandrian Library in 391 AD, (4) Muslim conquest of Egypt in 642 AD.

What this all amounts to is, censorship in flames.  What an aggressor deems a danger to their power they consign to the flames of ignorance. The premise being that an ignorant “Mob” is more easily controlled if the State controls information and education.  Joseph Goebbels (29 October 1897 – 1 May 1945), put it into simple terms; (Paraphrased) “The bigger the lie, more people will be willing to believe it.”

In this new age of wireless communication, starting in 1946, we have been broadcasting into the universe via radio waves in all directions.  Everything sent using satellite broadcasting is akin to information bullets being sent at the speed of light into the cosmos.  “I Love Lucy”, “The three Stooges”, and every radio, TV show, Text-message, and phone call is out there.  One day the world may get a reply and we may not like the response.