cj9Hey Kids, you better watch out you better not cry…

Santa Clause and the Mrs. aren’t just coming to town; they’ve taken up residence right here in Mesquite.

The jolly couple has been recently spotted at Highland Manor spreading their Christmas cheer and celebrating Christmas in July with the residents.

Santa said he has to be here for their Christmas in July celebration.  The residents of Highland Manor are among some of Santa’s favorite adults because they were all very good children when they were younger and Santa takes particular care of very good children forever no matter how old they get as long as they promise to remain a kid at heart.

We didn’t see Santa’s usual mode of transportation flying over the skies of Mesqutie, that’s probably why children didn’t know he was here.  Santa left behind the reindeer and sleigh explaining that the reindeer, because of their thick fur coats, prefer the cooler climate of the North Pole and the sleigh’s runners don’t do particularly well in the sand so without the flying reindeer to pull the sleigh through the air it’s much better that Santa just drive a car.

Why does Santa want to live in Mesquite?  The answer is simple…The best children in the world live in Mesquite.

Even though Santa prefers to live right here in Mesquite, he doesn’t always look like Santa for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is the heat; all that hair on his head and his face make Santa very hot and the red suit with all the fur trim and boots aren’t very comfortable when it’s 100 or more degrees outside so he traded in the hat and coat for shorts and a tee shirt while he’s living here; he changes back to the suit around Christmas time when the temperatures are much cooler.

The second and most important reason that Santa doesn’t look like himself all year is because the children are always on their best behavior when they see Santa is around and they know he’s watching.   Santa wants to know how well the children behave when they don’t see him.   He’s got parents to watch over and guide the children and the parents let him know if the children are bad or good but Santa prefers to see with his own eyes.

When Santa looks like everyone else around town he can watch the children undercover; he might live on the same street as you, he shops at the same grocery store that your parents do, he can even visit your school and talk to your teachers without you knowing he’s there so he can see how well you behave when you don’t know he’s watching.

That’s how Santa knows that the best children live right here in Mesquite?  You’ve seen all Santa’s thousands of brothers, uncles and cousins around the malls and in front of the stores ringing bells haven’t you?  They’re Santa’s family; they live in every city, town and even in the country all over the world and they report any and all child activity to Santa on a daily basis.

He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, and he knows for certain that the very best children in the world live right here in Mesquite.