Like many others here in Mesquite, I’m new in town.  Most of us came here for similar reasons, to find a warmer climate, to escape big city traffic, and to be part of a small community.   A community where we can make friends, enjoy all that desert living offers us, and for many of us, to live a healthy life as seniors.   Now when my husband and I rolled into town six months ago, we didn’t know a lot about Mesquite and it was a leap of faith that we would build a good life here.   Soon enough I learned that Mesquite is a pretty special little town.  If the incredible Veterans Day 1000 Flags of Mesquite wasn’t enough certainly seeing 33 hot air balloons at dawn three days in a row tells you this isn’t your average little desert town.   Now somewhere between those 1000 flags and the 33 hot air balloons I made another discovery.  I found an organization that focuses on the 50 and over folks in this town.  One that offers an opportunity for making new friends, reliving some of our glory days when we all moved a little faster and best of all, the makings of memories we’ll hold on to forever.

I’m talking about the Mesquite Senior Games.  Held annually in the spring for the past 18 years, the Games provide fun competitions in all kinds of sports from bowling to bocce ball, tennis to pickleball to table tennis, putting and long drive, pistol and shotgun, card games like poker or bridge, and lots more.  There are even non-competitive events like a fitness hike and history tour.   And yep, you can win yourself a gold, silver, or bronze medal when you compete in your age class.  But the real mission of the Mesquite Senior Games is to promote health and fitness of anyone 50 years and better by giving them a fun way to stay active and to develop new friendships.  Come play with us!

Another way you can get involved is volunteering to help us at our events.  Many of our volunteers come back year after year and have a great time helping us make the Mesquite Senior Games better every year.  The Mesquite Senior Games is a 501©3 nonprofit organization funded completely through sponsors, donations, and registration and event fees.

The Games start soon so check out the schedule below, go to or give me, Amy Bradshaw, a call at 702-345-3347.  Our mission is a healthier, happier you!

See you at the Games!